Should You Clean Your Gutters Before or After Fall?

One of the most crucial seasons of the year to clean your gutters is fall. The reason for this is that it’s the time where leaves and other debris fall. However, most homeowners wonder when’s the best time to clean their gutters. They typically ask if they should clean their gutters before or after the fall season.  

Well, to make things simple, you’ll have to clean your gutters after the fall season. There’s a reason for this. Today, we’re going to talk about Bellingham gutter cleaning during the fall season. 

When’s The Ideal Time to Clean Your Gutters? 

It does not matter where you’re located. One rule you’ve got to follow is that you need to clean your gutters once all or most of the leaves have fallen from the trees around your house. Weather patterns appear to change each year.  

Professionals recommend that you wait for as long as possible. However, you’ve got to be ahead of the winter season. The debris will be more difficult to get rid of if it’s below 40°F. Also, the debris will freeze together if the temperatures drop below 32°F. When this happens, it will be impossible to clean your gutters. Make sure you clean the gutters when temperatures are around 45-50°F.  

Indications That You Need to Clean Your Gutters 

  • Water Overflow or Leak 

One of the obvious indications that you need to clean your gutters is if you’ve got water leaking from seams and/or joints, or when water is overflowing.  

It can be a poor sealing condition if you’ve got water noticeable leaking from the seams. However, it’s typically because of a clogged downspout. Keep in mind that water needs to go somewhere. Thus, it will escape from any crack it can find in the system. This is particularly true near the downspout.  

  • Clogged Downspouts 

A lot of professionals suggest inspecting your gutters when it rains. You should do this every several months. For those who don’t know, the ideal way to know if you’ve got a clogged gutter is to inspect it when it rains. Checking the gutters during rain offers you a first-hand look at how the system is operating. Of course, there’s something wrong with the system if you can see any leaks or spills. 

It’s vital to inspect your downspouts during rain as well. This helps you know if your gutter is working properly. Almost every gutter clog happens in the downspout. Water will barely come out of the downspout if you’ve got a clogged gutter. On the other hand, the downspout is clogged if there’s no water coming out of it. If you’ve got several downspouts, try to compare the flows to know if there’s a clogged one.  

  • Accumulation of Leaves 

The simplest way to know if you’ve got to clean your gutters is to inspect them. You will have to clean your gutter system if you see piles of leaves along the edge of the roof or in the gutters. If you don’t know how to clean your gutters, hire a professional for help.  

Can You Fix Gutter Rust?

Gutter rust can form and damage your gutter system. It forms under the correct circumstances over time. It can happen in every part of the system. This includes the end caps, the gutter trough, the downspouts, the corner miters, and much more. To make things simple, any part made of aluminum is prone to corrosion or rust.  

Typically, there’s no going back once gutters start to rust. It will keep on spreading. However, can you fix gutter rust? Can you hire a gutter repair Chesapeake VA company to remove it? 

Here are several things you can do: 

Caulk Gutter Rust Hole 

Caulking the rust hole is one temporary solution you can try. It’s quite simple to explain. You cover the whole rust hole using caulk or waterproof sealant. It will stop the water from leaking once it cures or dries properly.  

Keep in mind that rust will still keep on expanding, even if you caulk the rust holes. Over time, it will outgrow the caulk. Thus, this solution is only temporary. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional gutter repair company to evaluate your situation and offer the right solution. 

Get Rid of the Rusted Gutter Section 

Cutting out the whole rusted gutter section is one temporary solution to consider. After getting rid of the affected section, you can replace it with a new one. For instance, you’ve got a very long gutter system of around 60 feet and you find it extremely expensive to replace the entire gutter system. Perhaps cutting out the affected part and replacing it is a more affordable solution.  

Unfortunately, professionals do not recommend this solution. The reason for this is that you’ll end up with gutter seams if you add a new section. Typically, these seams are vulnerable to leaks and you will have to reseal them after several years.  

However, if you really want to replace the rusted section, professionals recommend cutting several feet away from the rust. If you don’t do this, chances are there is still corrosion left on the surface and it will keep on spreading.  

Sand Gutter Rust 

You can slow down gutter rust and often stop it if you discover it early on and treat it right away. Oftentimes, you can utilize sandpaper to sand the surface rust that’s forming on the gutter.  

To get rid of rust from the surface, you can utilize a wire brush or sandpaper. You’ve got to ensure you eliminate every last speck of rust. It’s extremely crucial that you paint your gutter using a primer once you’re done removing the rust.  

However, it might be too late to sand the gutter if you can see holes where water might leak. Chances are there are more holes in the gutter if you already see at least one hole. If this is the case, it might be best to replace the gutter system.  

If you find rust in your gutter system, these solutions can help you fix it temporarily. You will still need to hire a professional to replace your entire gutter system.   

Indications of Loose Gutters

There are a lot of styles and forms when it comes to loose gutters. Every single one of them looks different from each other. However, they’re still the same. You will have to re-secure your gutters if they’re loose or coming loose. This will help you avoid further damages.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of indications that you’ve got loose Madison WI gutters

Spout or Lip Forming on Gutter 

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is gutter neglect if you see lip forming on your gutter. Before a lip forms on a gutter, it needs a lot of water to pool in that area for a long period. However, it can also happen if the water pool expands into ice or perhaps damage from a branch.  

If your gutter has a lip, you cannot fix it. The reason for this is that the gutter is uncurling. It does not matter what the cause is, you will need to replace your gutter system. 

You can try to fix the lip on your gutter if you add new hardware around it. However, you should keep in mind that the gutter will still uncurl. Thus, it is a lot better to simply replace your gutter system. 

Gap Behind Gutter 

The gutter will often separate from the wall rather than sag down. Typically, this occurs if the spikes in your gutter have come loose. You will not be able to see this from far away. You need to walk close to your house and inspect your gutters carefully if you want to tell if there’s a gap behind your gutter.  

It’s easy to check for gaps behind the gutters. All you’ve got to do is to maintain a close distance to your house. Next, while you’re walking around your home’s perimeter, try to look up at the underside of the gutters. Your gutter is loose if you can notice the sky between the wall and the gutter. This is the most common method of knowing whether or not your gutter is loose. In addition to that, you can easily fix this problem as well. This is particularly true if you hire a professional to fix your gutters.  

Sagging Gutter 

It’s easy to examine if your gutters are sagging. Always keep in mind that your gutters should be straight. This means that the line should be straight if you draw a line from one end to another. If you want to check if you’ve got a sagging gutter, all you’ve got to do is to observe the gutters by stepping back from your house. You can consider your gutters sagging if you see a bit of a kink or dip in any spot.  

Sagging is essentially the first stage of loose gutters. Water will accumulate in your gutters and add more burden to it if you ignore this issue. Normally, you can fix sagging gutters by adding new hardware. This includes screws and much more. However, if you don’t know how to fix gutters, a professional can help.